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Patrick Froese is a multi-instrumentalist and producer from Edmonton, Alberta, who grew up on a family farm in the vast Canadian prairies.  After he finished high school, Patrick made the decision to pursue music as a career and attended MacEwan University in Edmonton. Besides his composition major, Patrick also attended studio and audio engineering classes so that he could record and mix his own arrangements. Further, his musical engineering experiences gave Patrick’s musical work a distinct sense of continuity from his song’s conception to its published realization. Patrick graduated from MacEwan with distinction in his music degree.  Moreover, Patrick acquired additional studio experience at the Audio Department Studios in Edmonton.  The relationships that he made during this time positively entrenched him in the Alberta music scene, and the skills that he acquired pushed his engineering abilities to an even higher standard.

          Since 2019, Patrick has been working on his project -- Chic Chameleon. Drawing on his life experiences on the prairie farm, the Chic Chameleon project has helped to express Patrick’s musical and melancholic consciousness.  Broadly, Patrick’s melodic structures often follow solitary themes. To illustrate these leitmotifs, he uses expansive and eclectic compositions to shape the canvas of his soundscapes. Specifically, Patrick draws melodic inspiration from both Dream-pop and Shoegaze genres; he uses lush reverbs, mirrored delays, and syrupy chorus tones to shade his aural textures.  Behind compelling vocal melodies, Patrick brushes his music with layered guitar lines and gradated synthesizer tones. Using these musical elements to form his sonic canvas, Patrick then sweeps his trancelike lyric across his acoustic diorama. Through his ethereal sounding and watercolour-like pieces, Patrick uniquely shares his inner musical and sometimes elegiac experiences.

          Armed with this eclectic music portfolio, Chic Chameleon has performed at many venues in Edmonton including: The Station on Jasper, The Buckingham, The Aviary and Polar Park Brewing Co. Chic Chameleon’s first official single release, ‘Dreaming of Heaven’ was featured in a movie entitled ‘Picture It’ produced by GIFT (Girls in Film and TV.) Dreaming of Heaven was also featured on a number of college radio stations including Edmonton’s CJSR FM. In addition to Patrick’s particularly creative approach to the indie rock genre, Patrick has also composed and produced the film soundtrack for a short film ‘There Will Come a Day’ and released a contemporary jazz composition entitled ‘The Remainder’ under MacEwan University’s record label. One can find this award winning jazz composition under MacEwan’s compilation album called ‘Fresh Cuts.’ The composition was performed by the Chris Andrew Trio. Chic Chameleon’s EP ‘Doomed' was written, mixed, mastered and published independently by Patrick, and was released on March 25, 2022.  Currently, Patrick is recording a debut, full length album with producer ‘Wasnaught’ from Benalto, Alberta, and gearing up for the album’s release campaign in late 2023.

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