Patrick Froese is a multi-instrumentalist and producer who lives and works in Edmonton, Alberta. His background, growing up on a farm on the Alberta prairies, gives his music a distinct sense of vastness and self reliance that is integral to his experiences living in an isolated part of Canada. 


True to indie, shoegaze, and dream pop, Patrick uses lush reverbs, repeating delays, and thick choruses to achieve a melancholy aesthetic within his commanding melodies played mainly through layered guitar lines and synthesizers. 


Patrick has always felt drawn toward music. After high school, he made the decision to pursue a career in and attended Macewan University in downtown Edmonton. He graduated with distinction with a music degree majoring in composition. While attending, he also took studio and audio engineering classes so that he could record and mix his own compositions, giving his work a distinct sense of continuity from conception to realization. After university, he interned at a studio in Edmonton to further intrench him in the Alberta scene and bring his engineering skills to new heights. Since 2019, he has started his project ‘Chic Chameleon’ and begun performing locally to help promote his lifelong work. 


Patrick’s project, Chic Chameleon has performed at many venues in Edmonton including: The Station on Jasper, The Buckingham, The Avairy and Polar Park Brewing CO. Chic Chameleon’s first official single release, ‘Dreaming of Heaven’ will also be featured in a movie produced by the GIFT (Girls in Film and TV) organization also based in Edmonton. To top it all off, Chic Chameleon’s debut EP comprised of four tracks came out on March 25, 2022 and is available on all streaming services including Spotify and Apple music.